WHOA! Tim Allen’s Show SMACKED DOWN Liberals Last Night… This is A MUST SEE! [WATCH]


In the world of television comedies, Tim Allen’s show, “Last Man Standing” is worth watching because it has Conservative values. The main character is a conservative as is Tim Allen.

Unlike his counterparts and competition which are trying to stay edgy, politically correct and loyal to Obama and Hillary, Tim Allen isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

In the episode “The Marriage Doctor” of Last Man Standing, Tim Allen who plays conservative Mike Baxter who’s conservative daughter Eve has to prepare for a debate in which – shudder! – she has to take the liberal position.

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So naturally, she turns to her liberal hippy brother-in-law for some help learning “how to talk out of your ass.”


Alexa Moutevelis Coombs at Newsbusters has this:


Eve: It’s my government class. We have this debate coming up, and my teacher is making us take the opposite side of our political beliefs, which means I have to be a… Liberal.

Ryan: It’s not a curse word.

Eve: Well, it is in this house. So I’ve been researching liberal positions. I Googled “How to talk out of your ass”, but that was no help. By the way, never Google “How to talk out of your ass.”

Ryan: Well, I could help you if you want. I love the art of stating a thesis and making a cogent argument to support it.

Eve: I know. It’s the reason Kristin doesn’t have dinner parties anymore.

Ryan: Look, if you really want to prepare, we should have a mock debate.
Eve: That’s a good idea. You spew your usual garbage, and I’ll mock you.

Ryan: No, because then you’ll never learn how to defend a liberal’s point of view.

Eve: That’s because it has no defense! Zing! How’s that for a cogent argument?

Ryan: First sign of a bad argument — the need for the word “Zing.” Look, if you want to win, you got to practice saying what a liberal would say.

Eve: Okay. Hooray for taxes! Give me free stuff! White men suck! You mean like that?

Pretty funny stuff right there!

It’s great to see a TV show still exists that doesn’t cater strictly to liberals.


God Bless. 

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