Whoopi Goldberg About To Get HORRIBLE News After She Makes Announcement- BOOM!

Whoopie Goldberg is a liberal, racist, no talent scumbag and that’s why she is on the garbage TV talk show The View. But that may come to an end. 

The Emmy-winning talk show host, who announced she would be leaving the panel at the end of its current season, could potentially return to The View – but has very specific demands if she is going to consider sticking around.


ABC News has already approached Goldberg’s team about getting her to stay on for three more seasons, but a close source tells DailyMail.com that the Oscar winner wants at least a $1.5million salary raise (to $3.5 million), a position as an executive producer on the show, and the removal of a network executive from the show.

Damn, I’d tell her to go to hell and have a nice life. She has enough money thanks to capitalism that she can spend the rest of her pathetic life being a washed up fat liberal rioting with her Antifa/BLM liberal communist a holes.

But no. She wants a ton of cash and wants control. Maybe she wants all the whites off the show. “THE BLACK VIEW…”

Hell, I don’t know what’s crawled up her skanky a** and couldn’t really give a damn.


I will say that I did like her in “Ghost” but any moron could have played that role.

But that was before Obama fueled the racial division to the extreme level we are experiencing today in America.

I will say that the Whoop is no fan of the fat liberal pig Rosie O’Donnell- so I’ll give her props for that.

Anyways, she will bail if her demands aren’t met.

If I ran that network I’d tell her to pound sand.

God Bless.

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