Will Hillary Go Down Like Nixon? Watergate Journalist: “What’s On Emails Is Probably Not Pretty”

Photo credit / Reuters

Photo credit / Reuters

Is Hillary about to experience the greatest failure of her entire miserable career? Let’s hope so!

The clearing process for her controversial secret emails means that there will be a slow dribble of sensational and damning emails throughout the entire campaign for 2016. What is uncovered, and used as ammo against a dynastic candidate that many see as ‘inevitable’ and ‘selected,’ could even be enough to ruin her chances.

It is grueling gauntlet that every candidate should have to run – answering to details of their shady past and questions about their exploits on the public dime during their “public service.” How else can the worst people be kept from attaining the highest office?

Investigative journalist Bob Woodward, infamous for his role in bringing down Nixon in the Watergate scandal, says it is reminiscent of President Nixon, who was ultimately brought down by damning information revealed by his own recordings taped secretly in the White House.

Today, Hillary finds herself in a similar position. With her hand finally caught in the cookie jar, is her own secret email server what will at last stop her in her tracks during her quest for power?

Here’s what Bob Woodward told MSNBC:

According to the Daily Mail:

‘It, in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes’,’ Woodward said on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ program, referring to ‘thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his.’

‘Hillary Clinton initially took that position: “I’m not turning this over, there’ll be no cooperation.” Now they’re cooperating.’

He said Monday that the story of how more than 30,000 of Clinton’s emails were made to disappear – the former secretary of state insists they were all personal in nature and not work-related – ‘has to go on a long, long time. And the answers are probably not going to be pretty.

Oh, and it could get even more dramatic – and go the way of Lois Lerner, whose cache of deleted IRS emails were ultimately recovered.
An IT contractor just admitted that another copy of the data exists and may surface.

Over the weeked an IT contractor who took possession of Clinton’s private email server in 2013, which held all her official State Department correspondence, conceded that it’s likely a second copy of all the data exists somewhere on a backup device. 

Follow the trail here,’ he said during the MSNBC broadcast. ‘You know, there are all of these e-mails. Well, they were sent to someone or someone sent them to her. So if things have been erased here, there’s a way to go back to who originated these e-mails or who received them from Hillary Clinton.’

And here’s the kicker: if there’s any justice in this world, the emails could finally reveal Hillary for who she really is.
Hillary’s own hand could give her away:

‘The big question about Hillary Clinton is: Who is she? Is she this secretive hidden person or is she this valiant public servant? Look at those 60,000 emails and you’re going to get some answers.’

Politics are beyond corrupt. Elections are just spectacles and pomp and circumstance. The leaders are selected, and anyone paying attention can see them pledging loyalty and bending over backwards for their real owners, the only ones they really serve.
A vast political machine has shaken off every accusation thrown at the Clintons in their quest for power… but honestly, the corruption shows plainly on her face. All can see it, for the emperor is naked.
Or is she just in line for the throne?

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