BREAKING: Woman Who Got Abortion LEGALIZED Just Died- Here’s What We Know


According to the World Health Organization, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. In the United States, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion, that averages out to over 3,000 abortions per day.

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A baby at 12 weeks gestational development.

Instrumental in making this horror possible were two court cases – Roe v. Wade and the lesser known Doe v. Bolton.  Both cases were decided on January 22, 1973, and they are considered companion cases, meaning they are always read together.


The Supreme Court Justices instrumental in the decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, allowing for the legalization of the wholesale murder of millions of unborn children.

Today marks the end of an era.  Norma McCorvey, known as Jane Roe, of Roe v. Wade, has passed away today, leaving a lasting legacy.  At the age of 21, McCorvey was the plaintiff that attorneys, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, used in the Texas court case that struck down all laws against abortion throughout the United States.

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In an affidavit McCorvey submitted to the District Court of New Jersey in 2000, she says:

Virtually the entire basis for Roe v. Wade was built upon false assumptions. No meaningful trial to determine the real facts was ever held.


The misrepresentations and deceptions that plagued Roe v. Wade are presented to this Court …. These facts, which were neither disclosed to me in 1970 nor to the plaintiffs of this case before they had an abortion, are critical for understanding the issues involved. …we obtained a decision in Roe v. Wade based upon what abortion advocates wanted women to be able to do, not what women were truly capable of.

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What many people do not know is that for many years, McCorvey actively tried to help overturn the legal decision that she was so very instrumental in making, leading to the death of untold millions of unborn innocent children. The affidavit mentioned above was part of the lengthy legal battle that McCorvey herself helped wage in efforts to get the landmark case overturned.

McCorvey became pregnant with her third child during a low point in her life, suffering from addiction and homeless as a result.  She was living in a public park and her other two children were being raised by others. Originally considering adoption because at the time Texas law allowed for abortion only in cases of rape or incest, McCorvey was referred to Weddington and Coffee.

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They fawned over McCorvey taking her out to eat and told her –

“You’re white. You’re young, pregnant, and you want an abortion.” At that time, I didn’t know their full intent. Only that they wanted to make abortion legal and they thought I’d be a good plaintiff. I came for the food, and they led me to believe that they could help me get an abortion. 

I did not know what the term “abortion” really meant. Back in 1970, no one discussed abortion. It was taboo, and so too was the subject of abortion.”

Weddington and Coffee would later go on to release to the media the fiction that McCorvey had conceived out of rape.  McCorvey states this was not true and told them so, but the lie persisted.

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McCorvey was just 69 years old and died of a heart ailment. Regarding McCorvey’s passing today, pro-life advocate Reverand Frank Pavone released a statement, saying –

 “Norma has been a friend of mine, and of Priests for Life, for more than 20 years. She was victimized and exploited by abortion ideologues when she was a young woman but she came to be genuinely sorry that a decision named for her has led to the deaths of more than 58 million children.”

Sandra Cano tells a very similar story to Norma McCorvey.  Cano was known as Mary Doe in the Doe v. Bolton case.  She sued Arthur K. Bolton, then the Attorney General of Georgia, as the official responsible for enforcing the law in the  District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.  At the time Cano was a 22-year-old mother of three and nine weeks pregnant at the time the lawsuit was filed. Cano staunchly described herself as pro-life and claims her attorney, Margie Pitts Hames, lied to her in order to have a plaintiff in this landmark case.

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According to testimony that Cano gave in court and before Congress, she states she never wanted an abortion of any sort.  She went to an Atlanta legal-aid office in an attempt to divorce her husband. She claims Hames tricked her into signing the affidavit that formed the basis of the plaintiff’s charges in Doe.

I do not believe it is my signature on the affidavit, and Margie either forged my signature or slipped this document in with other papers while I was signing divorce papers. I never told Margie that I wanted an abortion. The facts stated in the affidavit in Doe v. Bolton are not true.”

Cano added that she was so opposed to abortion that when her mother and sister tried to force her to have one, she literally fled the state of Georgia to Oklahoma, refusing to return until they agreed to allow her to keep her baby.

In 2003, Cano tried to re-open the case due to her claims that she was unaware the suit had even been filed on her behalf.  She stated if she had known, she never would have supported the litigation.  The district court denied her motion, as did the appeals court.  The Supreme Court declined to hear the case to overturn the ruling. Cano died on September 30, 2014, as an active advocate for life, much as McCorvey did.

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Both women used and duped into further an agenda that has literally sentenced millions of innocents to die.  All for what?  So some can live life as they choose as though there are no consequences for their actions, claiming some sort of god-like status in that they get to decide who lives and who dies.  They make decisions with claims of poverty and unwanted children, never stopping to consider that adoption is an option, as well as privately run programs available in many states for job training, schooling, and other forms of assistance to help mothers get on their feet. McCorvey and Cano did everything in their power to help overturn these decisions while they lived.  It’s up to us to continue that fight.

God Bless.

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