BREAKING: Woman Arrested In Georgia Doing THIS Found DEAD


A woman initially apprehended for inappropriate behavior on a beach was found dead nine months later, according to reports..

The coroner’s report concluded that she committed suicide.

Bodycam footage from law enforcement agents captured the moment they approached 35-year-old realtor Christina Revels-Glick. Witnesses reported observing her engaging in ‘inappropriate activity’ with an adult toy on the beach, which lead to her arrest.

Revels-Glick explained to the police that she believed she was alone during the incident but the police didn’t buy her story.

The incident was reported on the Smoking Gun website under the headline “Woman Busted For Pleasure Session On Beach.”

People that knew Revels-Glick said she had gone on a ‘downward spiral’ following the report and ended her life.

The coroner reported that the cause of death was determined to be a “gunshot wound to the head,” with the manner of death officially certified as suicide.

Her neighbor, Gareth White provided local authorities access to the dead woman’s apartment.

White told Inside Edition, “It could a have been handled a lot differently. Look what it led to, somebody taking their life.”

Revels-Glick’s landlady, Rollins, 25, was so traumatized by what she witnessed in the apartment that night that, according to her sister Whitney Phillips, 36, she has never been back to it, Daily Mail reports.

Instead, she asked Phillips, who also lives locally, to go there to let crime scene cleaners into the apartment once police had removed the body and concluded their investigation.

Phillips does not believe that what she saw when she entered the apartment aligns with the police finding of suicide. She said, ‘There was blood in every room in that apartment but there were other things, like unopened packages, things for the apartment, like she was expecting still to do things.

‘Why would she be ordering stuff for the house? Why would she still be paying her bills if she was planning to kill herself? She was never late on rent.’

Phillips said she was surprised to see two cell phones sitting in plain sight next to a packet of cigarettes. She said, ‘Wouldn’t the police have taken them to go through her calls or her texts? Why would you leave them when they might have contained evidence?’


YouTube video courtesy of TheDC Shorts

Neighbors of Revels-Glick insist she was brutally murdered by a boyfriend.

The police commander admits “it was not a normal suicide.”

It was not the norm, and it was not swift and whether it was the result of an intentional or accidental act it was a brutal end to a once promising life.


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