54-Year-Old Woman Robbed By THUG, Shoots Him Dead… Here’s His Family’s ABSURD Response


A black thug broke into a woman’s house and if he were still alive, he’d probably do it again. But he’s dead. And his family is mad as hell and their reasoning is absolutely absurd. Unbelievable…

Relatives of 17-year-old Trevon Johnson are angry the teenager was shot and killed by a 54-year-old woman who was simply protecting her property and her life.

Like I said, his family is angry at the homeowner for shooting the dude. “I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond,” said Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris. “He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning.”

Apparently he liked committing burglaries as well.


The homeowner told police her security system alerted her to the break-in of her home. She said she rushed home and found the teen climbing out of a back window.

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“She observed a subject leaving the home through the rear,” said police Det. Dan Ferrin, CBS Miami reports.


Miami-Dade police said there was a confrontation and shots were fired. Police said they were on scene seconds after the shooting and gave CPR to the teen. Johnson was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“What’s wrong with her,” asked Johnson’s sister Nisha Johnson. “She did not have to shoot him.”


“It’s no reason she should have waited until I think he walked out the yard to try to shoot him,” said Harris. “If she called the police already why would she shoot him?”


Now here’s the kicker.

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

Well, one way to get clothes is to get a job. I know that’s a complicated theory to understand, especially when Barack Obama promised free everything but it’s how it is in the real world.

Work hard-play hard.

I was humping mud (cement), setting up scaffolding, washing tools and tending a 3-man plaster crew at the ripe age of 13 years old.

Eventually I started my own plastering company but that field of construction got taken over by Mexicans that hired illegal aliens and cut the prices so low that it was impossible to compete.

So I started a tile and stone business and eventually ended up building ultra custom homes for the richest of the rich in Southern California.

And by working hard my entire life I was able to buy my own clothes.

Amazing concept, huh?

God Bless.


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  1. LaRae Bailey says:

    Now this punk theif won’t have to steal from the honest hard working people to buy his own clothes for school. Getting a job of his own must really be a foreign concept to these black thugs

    • Tristan Chris Heiss says:

      ‘african’ ……..the black americans do indeed get jobs..this is an african and millenial mentality..not Black American.

      • They are BLACK…. NOT African American…. they may have descendants from Africa but THEY are NOT from Africa… so therefore they are BLACK… that is how it was told to me from a classmate from Zimbabwe…. “I (He) am African American, they are BLACK.”

  2. splitrock63 says:

    Don’t have to worry about that one no more.

  3. Joy Windels says:

    Duh , this young thug burglar should have thought about getting a job to earn his possessions . Maybe his mom should have taught him right from wrong .

  4. afftongrown says:

    The poor kid probably wasn’t raised to know better……listening to his sister and cousin speak!

  5. Well, maybe you shouldn’t live in a Stand-your-ground state if you think robbing people is how you survive.

  6. LMAO– Welfare babies seem to think they are owed everything, they even think it is okay to be a GODDAMNED THIEF so they can afford cloth’s they didn’t steal! That is some F***ked logic to me!
    Just can’t get the GHETTO out of the N****R I guess!!
    OH Well, another POS GHETTO RAT in the box where it belongs–nice shooting lady!!!

  7. King Umbarrii says:

    While I do not defend the robber if he was leaving the scene he should not have been shot if he was not a threat to the home owner.
    If he did point a gun at the victim then he should have been shot.

    • Probably black since the article didn’t specify and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren’t on the scene protesting, and Obama isn’t putting his worthless race-baiting two cents in.

    • Did you read the part about the “confrontation”? Takes two to tango so we can only assume that little mister “dindonuffins ‘cept fo’ stealin’ fo’ his money” must have paused on his retreat out of the window to threaten the homeowner. Quit defending this garbage. If more people put these monkeys in the ground where they belong, maybe they just might get the message that it’s time to join the human race.

  8. James Braun says:

    We all know that working for a living is rocket science and that only blacks are allowed to rob and steal and even kill and it’s ok. That said , I have many friends of color that would not do these things but much of the younger people think this is ok . Can’t judge all by a few , except today the few are the many .

  9. shoot the bastard again and any other little MF that thinks they can get everything for free

  10. Bye phylicia

  11. King Umbarrii says:

    Write in Trump if necessary.
    If you are single and make less than 25 thousand then you will pay no taxes under Trumps tax plan.
    If you are married and make less than 50 thousand you will pay no taxes under Trumps tax plan.
    Go see for your self.
    This is something to think about if you are being audited and they are asking for unreasonable information.

  12. mick4dford says:

    no great loss, well done that woman. If he hadn`t of robbed the house in the first place he would still be here, its that simple. We all want nice things but decent people go out and earn the money to buy them, not steal from other people

  13. Julian B Duron says:

    America the time has come for Law Abiding citizens to Arm
    yourselves and become proficient in their use. The Obama Administration and
    DEMOCRAT Party Elected Leaders in of Democrat Party let Cities and States and
    Liberal Justice System is only interested in protecting the RIGHTS of CRIMINALS
    and Illegal Aliens and Terrorists!

    Actual U.S. Citizen rights is far down the priority list
    of the LIBTARD Democrat Party.

    Practice shooting “CENTER MASS” America!

  14. Why did he break into someones home? To get money to buy shoes and clothes? Get a fucking job. So being raised in the hood entitles him to break in to peoples homes and rob them?

  15. Larry Nicholas says:

    every occupation has its hazards, steel workers may fall and die ,police may be killed in the line of duty, firemen may surcome to smoke inhalation ect ect , and robbing thugs may be killed while committing their crimes.if you dont want to face the risks of the job chose a better line of work. this kid chose to be a robber and a thug. he got his thug ass killed. no one is sorry about it or cares.To the mother i say if you had raised him right to respect other people and their property he would not be dead. its not ok to steal its not ok to violate the law even if its whities house. he got just what he earned and deserved get over it.

  16. William L. Finucan says:

    Shows you the real mentality and emotional development of those who thought school was for punks…We don’t need no school…..

  17. David Roberts says:

    now i know why this POS was robbing her house, its ok cause he is a good kid, r ya right, maybe they should have spent the time teaching this ” good” kid how to get a job and pay his own way instead of stealing from someone else.

  18. Just Straight Shooting says:

    Another punk “dindunuffin” bites the dust…

  19. Melissa Victoria Johnson says:

    Has anyone seen the grammatical errors in this article? Is it even true? If I were this writer’s boss, I’d fire him! BAD P.R.

  20. Mutant (D)NA..It’s incurable..Elimination is the ONLY OPTION..They made that “Choice”…

  21. C’mon now…he just be tryin’ to do some fundraisin’ to pay fo his college tuition money so’s he can become a doctor and cures cancer, nowhutI’msayin’? He ain’t deserved to be shot by nobody…He a good boy and nevah done nuffin wrong. How dare you rayciss mofo’s be tryin to keeps him from stealin’.

  22. Well, he won’t need clothes anymore. So that’s a good thing.

  23. They ALL need to be sent back to African jungles, not robbing working peoples homes to buy crack !!!! Ghetto trash, slum slime, gimme mo, whitey !!!! I is priviledged black person, Obama son wannabe……gots ta get me sum nise duds !!!!! Don’t shoot me while I rob ya home, cracker !!!!! She is a very good shot to take this POS out with ” 1 ” bullet !!!! Way to go, girl !!!!! Protect what’s yours from black trash !!!!!!!

  24. She shooting was 100% justified and we the people should take these situations into our own hands. I am glad this little thug got what he deserved. I have been working since age 14. Want clothes, get a job. Don’t want to get shot, don’t rob people’s house, especially in the state of Florida where everyone has a gun. And his relatives, … IDIOTS!!!

    • “… especially in the state of Florida…” and Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas, Arkansas, Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc. Face it, thugs: it’s just getting hard for you thieves to make a dishonest living out there. Perhaps it is time for a career change.

  25. Larry Johnson says:


  26. BiGDickDaddy says:

    This is what happens to kids whom their parent make a living on welfare.
    It truly is time for welfare reform and not let people stay on it for decades like politicians.
    The idea for welfare is to help out people in dire need, not a life long job
    By having kids they make more welfare and food stamps. These are the American ones.

    Then you have the illegal alien who averages 5-7 anchors which in turn at the age of 18, bring in more members of their families to the U.S. most all on the dole. There are 3 couples where I live in a retirement village 2 from mexico and one from china all on social security while never working one day in the United States. How is that possible.?

    Then you have the islamist here on the guise of refugees coming in with no money or skills like the above all on the governments payroll (aka) welfare. islamists average 14-17 kids all on the dole.

    When islam says they will rule the U.S. I believe it. It will take one generation. American families average 2.5 children per household while immigrants, legal and illegal average 10 kids per household.

    The immigration system is not broken. Enforce the existing Immigration laws.

    The welfare system is broken at every level.I propose that if you have children out of wedlock and are already on welfare, you get nothing for any future babies.

    2nd and most important repeal the 14th amendment on anyone born on American soil becoming a citizen and make it retroactive to November 7, 1986 (Reagan’s amnesty) one day later.

    Most importantly stop voting in liars, cheats, and thieves, as well as attorneys.

    Is there anyone in the house and senate that are not DC attorneys???

  27. Jeffrey Coffelt says:

    Wow these people are nuts you rob and steal and then expect us to look at it through your point of view if you don’t want your worthless kids killed raise them better the dum ass got what he deserved !!!

  28. Mary Riewer says:

    The incident could easily have ended the other way. It culd have ended with the young thug dancing around the corpse of a woman he murdered after breaking into and burglarizing her home to buy clothes for school. . The little bastard was 17. He was a minor! That makes his parents guilty or every crime, theft, burglary or rape their charming little savage metastasized into being by his parent’s lack of authority or will. In many states, they hold the parents accountable for the criminal activity of a child. I think it is high past time that we all started doing that. I once had to sue a woman whose daughter had vandalized one of my property signs to impress her idiot boyfriend. The mother could not comprehend that she was being held to account for her daughter’s actions. I finally got a judgment in my favor and I allowed the mother to make monthly payments. Of course I had to go get them but it was not far. And seeing the look on her face as she handed the cash was worth the stroll. No I think it is fascinating how quickly parents become Ozzie and Harriet the second they know they will have to pay for the damages. I would imagine the perpetrator was not alone. If he was not, then his accomplice is guilty of 2nd degree Murder.

  29. Bill Traynor says:

    The behavior of this young man is cleary off base but Michael you are clearly off base as well and racist too boot. Calling names and fanning the flames of hate will help no one. You must be a Bernie supporter

    • Sorry, Bill Traynor, but Michael is right on the money. It sounds more like YOU are the Bernie supporter, since he seems to think that everyone should “share the wealth”, just like this thug did. Democrats are the racists, since black people just can’t get an education, make a living, have a job, and especially compete on a level field with whites and asians. Nope, blacks just can’t make it without you guilt-ridden whites “helping” them stay on the Democrat plantation.
      Given the statements by the cousin and the sister, the attitudes are systemic to the black welfare community. That being the case, they need to be cut off of welfare, and everyone of them that turns to a life of crime should be shot. That statement is also true of white thugs, as well as hispanic thugs. If they can’t be productive citizens, they need to be erased from the gene pool.

      • Bill Traynor says:

        I just voted for Trump in my primary, registered republican. Calling people names helps nothing. Personally, the sooner blacks understand how they are being used as pawns by the Democrats the sooner they can come to the light. In my world I only see democrats fanning the flames of hate.

  30. There are lots of things that people DON’T have to do in life, and one of them is looking at criminal behavior from the criminal’s point of view. How about you thugs look at life from OUR points of view? How about you keep your hands off of stuff that doesn’t belong to you? How about you go out and get an education? How about you quit harassing your peers who do try to learn by telling them they’re “acting white”? How about you DON’T break in to other people’s houses, outbuildings, cars, or businesses? In other words, stop acting like n***ers and act like black men and women?

  31. Michael Nestor says:

    These are tough times folks, how is a young man from anywhere supposed to afford books for school?

  32. Mikey Jones says:

    Ignorant people will say things when they are upset. Stupid things. But the good news is this POS is not going to rob or burglarize anyone else. Let his family say what they want.

  33. Charlie Joyner says:

    Let’s see how he gone get his school money. Student loan work. No ill rob people. NOT lmao I’m so happy she put his happy ass into the ground. Now let’s see if he tobacco anyone else. No wait he can’t lol.

  34. Come on now don’t be so hard on the hood rat. The females in the family are working hard, the back seat of car, the bedroom, back alleys, etc. They know what working hard is.

  35. Ignorance is bliss for these folks blabbering about their dead relative.

  36. Eric Mayhew says:

    He had a Bright Future ahead of him in the Hood. He needed to do what he had to to get money for clothes. She should have waited till he was off the property.
    All from his stupid ass relative. Black White Yellow Purple I don’t care what color if a person broke into my place I too would do anything in my power to kill them.

  37. Carl Gagnon says:

    Smoked his ass! It’s called a deterrent! Maybe the next chump will think twice before committing a felony.

  38. Richard Devine says:

    happy another crook is dead. makes the world a little bit safer!!!

  39. BS. The only future he had was to be a crook. No one, absolutely no one has the right to enter someone else’s home without permission. Break into someone’s house then suffer the consequences.

  40. CRACKURNUTS says:


  41. Ghetto Rat Privilege

  42. Should have robbed his father whom he couldn’t find, He didn’t ASK for money HE got what he asked for. Get an education not an indoctrination

  43. Jay Johnson says:

    lmao the sister is trying to make it seem like this thug had a bright future ahead of him, to funny.If he was really into education then he should have been smart enough to know getting a job is the only way to have money but unfortunately he decided to do just the opposite and this was the ending result and it always will be when you violate or trespass on somebody else’s property.As for his sister making that last ridiculous statement at the end about growing up in the ghetto and needing to rob to pay for school clothes & food well there you go, it’s the reason why 100% of ghetto black communities are very violent,dangerous,poor and it’s the reason why hardworking honest loyal American citizens think it’s nothing more then a troubled jungle.(Truth)

  44. Tec Sg Beatty says:

    Typical comments from residents of da hood. They think they are entitled to do anything they want, and the world owes them a living. It was HIS CHOICE to roll the dice; snake eyes, punk thug. Adios.

  45. David Alvarez says:

    Nobody in this hood Plays like that . You dropped your own ass when you Crossed the Line Foo . Ah huh hunny ah huh .

  46. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.” WOW! Well guess what lady, he don’t have to worry about no more clothes now. Problem solved, and future problems will never materialize. I suppose you probably should have taught the little criminal, that being a criminal can and will get you very dead. 1 less Trayvon that society won’t miss.

    • Except for the fact that taxpayers dollars will end up paying for the clothing he was buried in. We know this because he was abruptly stopped from stealing the clothing to be buried in himself.

  47. He got exactly what was coming to him. You trespass and steal from others you may not walk away. For these two girls to stand there and speak out for this criminal does not say much for the society they are raised in. They say black lives matter. Well is this proof of that???? That theft is an honorable trait in their eyes???/ They are not Christians that is a given. They do not obey Gods laws or mans laws. They do as they want and question the rights of those who follow the laws. Sick, sick, sick!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Play stupid games… win stupid prizes! He played a stupid game and lost. Society is better off without his criminal self..

  49. julianafern says:

    he deserves what he got if his family would of taught him not to rob people and beat his ass once in awhile he would not be 6 feet under so the family has nothing to complain about they should of raised him better

  50. ………….listen to what those two women said………”we live in the hood and he needed money for clothes”……….what is wrong with these people……………..sad

  51. These are some ignorant, dumb and twice as stupid people….they need to shoot themselves for sounding that way… I mean what kind of special retards are these people…??????….

  52. “He was big on education…” Well he got educated didn’t he, lesson learned, but will others learn from history? Funny thing about history, we create more of it every day. We just need to keep the dumb fucks on the defensive side of it so they stop creating ass-backwards precidents against us

  53. Did this “big on education” dumb-fuck ever think to apply for a student loan? Obviously not, he thought he could do better writting his own check. Stupid fucker, buy e’m books, send them to school, what do they do but chew on the covers. Life is so unfair for stupid assholes trying to make things better for themselves at someone else’s expense

  54. Anthony Quatroni says:

    The lowest form of life on the planet, and THEY LIKE it that way, it seems. He’s right where he belongs, the state won’t have to take care of him anymore, he won’t be seeding more criminals, and the world is now A BETTER PLACE.

  55. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    Another healthy dose of chlorine for the human gene pool.

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