BREAKING NEWS ALERT: President Trump And Tiger Woods TEAM UP To Build Multi-Million Dollar Golf Course HERE- Liberal’s HEADS Exploding!

,*NEW* Liberal’s Heads EXPLODE! President Trump Partners With Tiger Woods To Build Multi-Million Dollar Golf Course In Middle East



Liberals have their panties in a wad after hearing the news that the great Tiger Woods has joined President Trump in a business venture to design a state of the art multi-million dollar golf course in Dubai.

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For God’s sake it doesn’t take much to piss off these leftist losers.

Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up has the 411:

The city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and is the most cosmopolitan city in the Middle East. Trump’s new course will be one of several spectacular golf courses located in Dubai, including top-rated courses designed by golf legends Greg Norman and Nick Faldo.

Back in May 2019, President Trump presented Eldrick “Tiger” Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in an emotional ceremony at the White House.

Of course the libs flipped out as usual.


They are hateful, sick people which we will illustrate in their tweets below.

Did I mention that liberals are complete trash and haven’t got a clue about anything useful or productive?

They voted for Biden who is a completely corrupt pile of garbage who is in bed with China.

He’s a demented old man who has gotten filthy rich illegally, has a crackhead son who is a total pile of trash as well.

But back to the WOODS/TRUMP golf course.


Damac’s Trump World Golf Club Dubai is poised to offer a golf experience unique to the Middle East. The championship course’s styling is reminiscent of the Australian Sandbelt and showcases designer Tiger Woods’ penchant for links golf. The course will provide a premier test of golf, yet remain enjoyable for all levels of play, by emphasizing positioning and angles to strategic green complexes and encouraging creative shot-making around the tightly mown green surrounds.

Sounds great!

It sure beats fighting an endless war.

By the way, Biden can’t golf.

He sucks.

He sucks at everything.

Look at our country for God’s sake.

Nice southern border Joe, you freaking useless jackass.

Everything Biden and liberals touch turns to shit.

Anyways, I can’t help myself from ripping on Biden and libs and I apologize for straying from the point of this article. 😁

That picture in itself triggers the lefties! LMAO!

The Left reacted exactly as we’ve come to expect—with hatred and disdain for anyone who dares to be associated with the one man willing to take on the DC Swamp and globalist elites.

John Oberlin tweeted, “I hope it’s not true that tiger woods is helping Trump make money in Dubai. He’s made mistakes and screwed up his life a number of times but can recover. However, associating with Trump is pure greed and that stink won’t wash off. He’ll be a lost cause.”

What a filthy liberal jackass.

Here’s another idiot.

“I never liked Tiger Woods but now I really hate him. He wants to help Trump design a golf course.”

He “HATES” him now- typical libtard.

Here’s another wonderful tweet:

“That’s it, Tiger Woods is dead to me.”

And finally, this brilliant leftist exclaims that this could be the end of Tiger’s professional career because “he will lose millions of fans all over the planet.”

“If this is true this tells me that Tiger woods might just be done playing professional golf. He will lose millions of fans all over the planet instantly for this, instantly.”


These people are so filled with hate it’s insane.

They are also ignorant as all hell.






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God Bless.

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