BREAKING: World’s LARGEST Sex Trafficking Ring BUSTED – This Is HUGE


Hundreds of women were brought from Thailand to America with promises and dreams of a better life. Instead, what they got when they reached the shores of America was nothing short of a nightmare. The operation lured Thai women with promises of the American dream, then forced them to work as “modern-day sex slaves” until they could pay off often insurmountable bondage debts.

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Panida Rzonca, directing attorney with the Thai Community Development Center in Los Angeles, told the story of one victim who left her family in Thailand to get a massage job in the U.S. Except when she got here her passport was taken away.  She was then told she would have to pay $35,000. Then her trafficker took her to buy lingerie and she discovered she had really been brought to America and forced into prostitution.

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38 people have been indicted so far in the sophisticated sex-trafficking ring that concealed millions of dollars in earnings, making it one of the largest sex trafficking prosecutions in the U.S., according to Acting U.S. Attorney Gregory Brooker.  Women were rotated through several brothels throughout several cities in the U.S., forced to work long hours, and “forced to have sex with strangers, even if the men were abusive.”


The most recent indictment goes after the estimated in the tens of millions of dollars these women were forced to earn on their backs and turn over to high-level members of the organization. Charges include conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, sex trafficking by use of force or threats, conspiracy to engage in money laundering and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business.

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The women were forced to turn over most of the money they earned, plus pay for rent, food, and personal items, making it almost impossible to repay their debts, the indictments say. They also were often encouraged to get breast implants, and the surgery costs were added to their debt. They often threatened to harm the women’s families in Thailand if they escaped or failed to comply in any way.

The indictment states –

The victims were isolated. They typically did not have the ability to choose who they have sex with, what sex transactions they would engage in, or when they would have sex.

As part of the money laundering scheme, the women were forced to open bank accounts in the U.S. that the organization controlled and used to hide proceeds. The organization also recruited people to bring large sums of cash to Thailand or hid cash in items sent to Thailand, such as clothing or dolls. Cash was also sent to Thailand through international wire transfers and hawala-based systems.”

Alex Khu, the special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Minneapolis, stated it was vital to hit the enterprise finances in order to stop them from simply relocating and starting up all over again with another group of unsuspecting women.

They say slavery was outlawed yet, human trafficking is a growing problem of epic proportions in America.  Meanwhile, some groups are demanding reparations for historical events that they have not suffered from and no one alive today committed against them, yet to this population these people are still accountable simply because of the color of their skin.  Meanwhile, ACTUAL slavery is occurring — real life human beings are being owned and sold and used as commodities.

But nothing is said.

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Slavery is horrible. Make no mistake about it.  But when slavery is still happening and you choose to do nothing to help the one enslaved because you think you are owed money because 4 or 5 generations ago you have slavery in your family tree? Then it has nothing whatsoever to do with repairing past actions and everything to do with subjugating another.

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