BREAKING: This World Leader Directly Responsible For Latest ISIS Massacre… It’s NOT Who You Think

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It’s been four months. It’s been four months since the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to cease Canadian Air Force participation in allied bombings of ISIS.  On that shameful day in Canadian history, Trudeau spoke hollow words of naivete–while he recognized one of the most fundamental roles of the government is to “keep its citizens safe,” he also said that bombing your enemies was an act of fear and that Canada would be looking to stop ISIS with other efforts. That was on January 5th.


Fast forward to today’s grave news–one of two Canadian hostages, taken by savage Muslims in the name of ISIS was killed in cold blood. Here is what Trudeau had to say:


“I’m outraged by the news that a Canadian citizen, John Ridsdel, held hostage in the Philippines since September 21, 2015, has been killed at the hands of his captors,” Trudeau said, before continuing to deflect and abdicate his own responsibility!


Rather than accepting blame for his weak hand, his inability to act, his own fear action itself–because bombing one’s enemies is not an act of fear but cowering from doing so certainly is–Trudeau said that the responsibility rests solely with the terrorist group who took him hostage.


The worst part is, Trudeau let them die in the most literal sense.  One would think that if Trudeau was actually interested in protecting his citizens he would do one of two things: he would either bomb the living hell out of his enemies and take a hard line approach or he would cave to any demands his enemies made and, in this instance, pay the ransom requested for the safe passage of his nationals.


Instead, Trudeau waited. Inaction is his only move. And when the first demand for a $21 million fee rolled around, Trudeau remained silent. Roughly a week ago, a renegotiated fee of $6 million was requested with the threat of death made more imminent.


Now you might say “oh Canada doesn’t pay ransoms–” and I will cut you off right there. America does not pay ransoms and when America doesn’t have an embarrassment-in-chief acting square in the Oval, we bring the heat.  Our enemies suffer for their transgressions against us. Canada though? Canada just wants its citizens to think they don’t pay ransoms–but they do.

This blood is on the hands of radical Islam–but its also on the hands of radical liberals like Justin Trudeau–and only time will tell if the remaining hostage, Robert Hall, can be saved.

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