JUST IN: World’s LARGEST Terrorist Group Just Threatened To KILL President Trump

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A new and chilling message has been released by the brutal terror group known as ISIS on the messaging app Telegram. This time directly targeting President Donald Trump.

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ISIS spokesman Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer delivers the message stating –

America you have drowned and there is no savior, and you have become prey for the soldiers of the caliphate in every part of the earth, you are bankrupt and the signs of your demise are evident to every eye.

There is no more evidence than the fact that you are being run by an idiot who does not know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is.

This message was sent in direct response to the clear message that President Trump sent during his presidential campaign stating that the defeat of ISIS was a priority.

He signed a memorandum just days into his presidency instructing the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of staff to come up with a plan in 30 days to defeat ISIS, stating we have been talking about doing this for a long time and he intends to focus on strengthening efforts to defeat the terror group.

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American-led coalition forces are attempting to recapture the key city of Mosul from ISIS in Iraq, as well as the terror group’s capital in Syria of Raqqa. The capture of these cities would be a major blow at the heart of the militant Muslim terror group.


In addition to the message from ISIS, a pro-ISIS hacking group calling themselves the United Cyber Caliphate has also release a video. This video urges “lone wolf” attackers to kill any of the 8,787 people listed in a new updated “kill list.”

They claim that they will soon release the home and email addresses “of those who fight against us.”

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The updated kill list includes prominent politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, including President Donald Trump telling followers to “Kill them wherever you find them.”  Of the 8,787 people on the list, 7,848 are American citizens.

The message continues with –

“We have a message to the people of the US and most importantly your President Trump. 

Know that we continue to wage war against you. Know that your counter attacks only make us stronger. The UCC will start a new step in this war against you. So expect us soon Insha Allah!

God Bless.

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