World’s Most POWERFUL Christian Leader SLAUGHTERS Obama After ISIS Terror Attack, And It’s BRUTAL

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Franklin Graham has made it quite clear that he doesn’t like the way that Obama has destroyed our country.

In the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, Graham is pointing the finger of responsibility at President Obama and his lack of leadership. Here is Graham’s Facebook post which is guaranteed to make liberals go insane. And we LOVE IT!

Join me in praying for the victims and families of the Muslim terrorist attack in Belgium today.

Islamists have told us we will see more of these attacks and we have to take their threats seriously.

I have long supported a temporary halt to immigration, especially for those coming from Muslim countries, until we have a vetting program that works and we can know who these people are.

If we can’t get an accurate background check, they don’t come in. It’s as simple as that.

What happened in Brussels, in Paris, and in New York on 9/11 will happen again inside our borders unless something changes because the current administration has lowered the standards and our President even refuses to acknowledge this as Islamic terrorism.

Our country is in trouble─we have a void in leadership. Pray that God will give us a strong leader for this nation.

America’s Freedom Fighters agree with the Reverend.

Obama has allowed ISIS to terrorize Christians and others virtually untouched.

Obama is a Muslim and his loyalties lie with his Islamic brothers and sisters.

This is just a fact. There is no denying it.

The scumbag took 30 seconds to talk about the attack and then went to a fricking baseball game with a Communist terrorist for God’s sake.

How liberals don’t see the blatantly obvious is beyond the scope of comprehension.

May all of the victims of Obama’s ISIS terrorist group reat in peace.

God Bless. 


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