Wounded Warrior Asks Trump The One Question That Makes Him Walk Offstage (Video)


During a recent rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Donald Trump did something he doesn’t normally do- he walked off the stage and went into the crowd to personally speak face to face with a man in the crowd.

The man was a wounded Army veteran, First Sgt. Todd Landen who was sitting in the front row in his wheelchair.

“These are our greatest people, our wounded warriors,” Trump told the crowd. “I wanna, I gotta say hello to Todd. Look at this guy!”


 Trump complimented the veteran saying, “Wow what a perfect family, a beautiful family.”

 Landen asked Trump what his administration would do to improve the horrible conditions at the VA. “With the current administration, warrior care is lacking to say the least, what else can the Trump administration do better than the Obama administration?”

“I am going to put pressure on the (Department of Veterans Affairs) like you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said, according to CNN Politics. He asked the veteran for his contact information. “As president, I can guarantee it. As Trump, I can probably say, I’m going to be able to pull it off anyway.”


Wow! You would NEVER see Hillary Clinton do anything so wonderful. 

Landen, who served three tours overseas, was wounded from an IED attack in Iraq, he told CNN in an interview after the rally. Along with his wife, April, and their 8-year-old daughter, Brianna, he moved to Iowa last year, after Landen finished up surgeries and retired from the Army.

Trump told the veteran that as president, he would allow veterans to get health care locally by private doctors.

“It’s mass care. They’re just shuffling us out and crunching numbers, I think,” Todd said. “The real struggle is what insurance do I use. I’m 100% disabled, the VA is supposed to take care of my medical bills, but I have to go to a hospital 100 miles away.”


“Every time I’ve seen Donald Trump, he’s mentioned veterans,” Todd said. “I haven’t seen that from every candidate. And today I sure didn’t expect him to come recognize me in front of the crowd.”

When asked what he would like Donald Trump as president, Landen said, “Put me back in the fight.”

“It wasn’t my choice to leave — I didn’t leave on my terms,” he said. “But when he gets elected, I hope he will drop the hammer on the enemy, get us out of there, and take care of us afterwards.”

Our country needs a president that cares about America’s veterans. They deserve the finest care available.

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(H/T Mad World News)


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  1. Catherine Schmerer says:

    This is great! It would be a cold day in hell before you’d see killary doing something like this!!

  2. vivian greer says:

    i like him and i really hope he’s for real.still better than the rest.

  3. Unlike the career politicians like Bush Trump will keep his promises. The Islam lovers can’t stand a real American can they!

  4. How easily deceived people are. Trump is a crook and a phony. He is a ringer for his buddy Hillary Clinton. His job is to steal the GOP nomination from any real legitimate candidates like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz so to ensure Hilary has no hick-ups getting in to office like has been planned since 2008.

  5. If you don’t vote for Trump then you hate america, your life, your family and friends. Those who don’t vote for Trump should be shot on site as enemy combatants and a threat to our national security.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The man has a lot of passion for making the country great. I don’t see why more Sheople don’t see this. With his own money and no lobbyist dictating his decissions I am at a loss for words. If your for trump your for a better America. If your for someone else you must be for something else like hand outs and amnesty.

    • Robert Volpe says:

      Really? Overreact much? It would seem if you love America that much you would take the time to capitalize the A. Here’s a tip; get a GED, then listen to some of the other Republican candidates’ platforms, then let me know which big words you didn’t understand (you know, more than 2 syllables), and we’ll all help you out.

  6. I just gotta say, I love Trump! However the ones that write article headlines suck. Do you know how many dumbed down Americans only read headlines and then think they know the story behind it? These headlines are disingenuous, and make people look bad. Pisses me off.

  7. Kaynonymous1956 says:

    DEAN JAMES I could take some of you online writers more seriously if you only “knew” how to spell. 2nd paragraph of article. “Look, these Muslims new damn well” Makes me stop reading right then and there.

  8. I recall Hillary saying recently that problems in the VA were greatly overblown. It’s well know that she was the one in 1991 who didn’t want military uniforms in the White House. No surprise that she has no time for vets who’ve greatly sacrificed.

  9. TRUMP 2016


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