WTF: Look What Biden Wants To Put Up At All Of Our Embassies- The World Is LAUGHING At Us!

The Biden regime is carrying out their racism agenda to the point that now they are pushing it globally!  It is not bad enough that we have a clown in The White House who is a mere puppet controlled by the elite but pushing racism through Marxism which is all part of the agenda to divide the people, is at the point where people need to ignore The White House and every damn person who pushes racism.

Black lives Matter is nothing but a domestic terrorist organization that is used by the democrats to carry out their hate and violence all in the name of Marxism which ends in communism.  That is the exact intent of Marxism, to divide the people, cause a civil war so that the government can put the chains on the people and seamlessly transition to Communism.

Breitbart reports that Secretary of State Tony Blinken is encouraging all U.S. embassies and diplomatic missions to honor the radical Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement on May 25, the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, according to a report by Human Events.

Reporter Jack Posobiec published what he says is a leaked cable from Blinken explaining how American representatives abroad are to encourage conversations about “systemic racism” and racial injustice in the United States.

The cable states: “The Department supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content, speeches, and other diplomatic engagements with foreign audiences to advance racial equity and access to justice on May 25 and beyond. We encourage posts to focus on the need to eliminate systemic racism and its continued impact.”

It authorizes the flying of Black Lives Matter banners on the exterior of American diplomatic buildings, within local executive discretion.

It is as if fireworks are exploding all over our nation in the night sky and yet nobody ever looks up because they are zombified and enslaved by the democrats indoctrination.

We do not have Constitutional Law, we do not have the Bill of Rights and the blunt truth is, we have lost freedom and sovereignty. It doesn’t matter if a person agrees or disagrees with that statement, it is the blunt truth.

Black lives Matter IS a domestic terrorist organization that was allowed to file as a corporation and now receives millions of dollars from the government in which the leaders of BLM use to line their own pockets, buy houses and property and live like the elite.  All the while the real protestors, the ones who actually care enough to peacefully protest for change against a corrupt and evil government are the ones who are being forgotten and abused by BLM leaders and the government.

Breitbart continued:

The cable also encourages diplomats to refer to several documents in preparing their observances of the day, including a speech by United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, in which she told the UN about America’s ” legacy of white supremacy,” and celebrated the activists who protested (and rioted) in 2020 — “in the streets, marching for charge.”

The central ideological view of Black Lives Matter is that law enforcement, and American society in general, are guilty of “systemic racism” that is to blame for police brutality against black Americans, and the persistence of white supremacy.

Those claims contradict evidence that there is no racial bias in police shootings, as well as decades of civil rights progress.

Recent polling suggests that American public support for Black Lives Matter has collapsed, except among Democrats.

Chinese diplomats cited the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this year when rebuking Blinken and other U.S. diplomats, after the latter tried to criticize China’s human rights record at the Biden administration’s first bilateral meeting with China.

Now more than ever we all have a duty to get the blunt truth out and set aside our differences so that we can unite as one!  You damn well know when a government is doing everything they can to DIVIDE the people, there is a clear agenda that ends in shackles around the citizens.

No matter how much opposition everyone faces as they hammer out the blunt truth, everyone must continue and stand firm and stand with honor and integrity.  This is our nation and we must take it back from the corrupt and evil scumbags who seek to destroy her and turn her into a communistic nation!


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