Okay well we will file this one in the “who gives a crap file! Trust me these criminals love getting out of their cells and picking up trash and doing whatever else they do outside the gates-I swear the left’s mindset is so warped it boggles my hardcore right wing mind lol!

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The income inequality is so bad in this country that prison inmates barely earn $2 an hour. This puts convicted rapists and murderers well below the poverty line and should be considered a national disgrace, or some garbage like that. Is this the kind of thing that liberals stay awake at night worrying about? Apparently so. Vox just posted a bitch-fest exposing the “injustice” of paying inmates very little to help fight wild fires in California.

Instead of sitting around in the yard waiting to get shanked, California inmates can volunteer to be part of a firefighting crew. They assist real firefighters by clearing brush and cutting fire lines to help in the effort. It seems like something that benefits all parties involved, but Vox sees a sinister side:

The program is clearly good for the state of California, which saves more than $80 million a year on wages for firefighters by using inmates instead. But is it good for the prisoners?

Who really cares? They are prisoners that owe a debt to society. Also, this isn’t forced labor; it’s a volunteer program. If we can ignore those facts, something liberals require to make an argument, we learn why this is so bad for inmates:

The inmates work in 24-hour shifts, which is traditional for firefighters. But while the average firefighter in California makes $34 an hour for his or her labor, the Conservation Camp inmates make only $2 a day.

To be fair, real firefighters have spent years training in their trade and, oh yeah, they aren’t convicted felons. Are we really comparing the wages of trained professionals to that of incarcerated criminals? Yes we are:

That’s “not an actual wage,” says John Roman, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center. It’s “so far below poverty that it’s just laughable.”

Again in the interest of fairness, inmates don’t have a lot of bills to pay. Their housing, food, clothing, and medical care are all paid for by the taxpayers. Prisoners are pulling down $47,102 a year in benefits, as that’s what it costs to incarcerate a person in California. I’d say that’s way above the poverty line.

When these convicts come off the fire line and return to the slammer, they do so with a couple hundred bucks in their account. That ain’t bad. Money like that can buy a lot of drugs, toilet wine, and sexual favors.

With lefty glasses on, this sweet deal for the inmates can only been seen as an exploitation:

The pay is clearly exploitative. But it’s also par for the course. “Prison industry,” Roman says, is “really about defraying correctional expenditures. And that’s really unfortunate…”

Is it really all that evil for Department of Corrections officials to try and offset the $9 billion annual budget for California’s prison system? I think all inmates should work for free in an effort to cover the unfair burden they have placed on society by their criminal actions.

Once again a liberal has managed to astound me with stupidity. Saying that prison inmates deserve a living wage is beyond anything I thought anyone would ever advocate for. I can’t wait for the Vox article about how registered sex offenders deserve to work with children.





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