WTF? WATCH Hillary Clinton PROVE She Has Massive BRAIN DAMAGE In Demented Statement- Did You Catch It?


In what has to be the most epic case of paranoid schizophrenic delusions of grandeur EVER, Hillary Clinton proclaims she “beat” not only Bernie Sanders but ALSO President Donald Trump in a lengthy feature article by New York Magazine.

“I beat both of them,” she said, referring her popular vote win over President Trump, as well as her Democratic Party nomination over Bernie Sanders.

MEANWHILE, back in reality….

Hillary actually defeated NEITHER of them if the truth is told. She was only given the Democratic nomination because she was the party choice through the use of Super Delegates, therefore cheating the majority of Democrats out of the support they voted for when they cast their vote for Bernie Sanders.

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She also did not defeat President Trump — who was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States in January. Last I checked it was Donald Trump was still hanging his hat in the Presidential closet while Hillary was still coughing her way through commencement speeches listing the 999,999 excuses as to why she is NOT the president.


Pesky electoral college! Silly Founding Fathers! Darn Voter Fraud!

Clinton claims she wanted to express her anger at President Trump in the debates but just could not do it for fear of giving President Trump exactly what he wanted — mmm’kay??

“But was she right that she couldn’t have expressed her anger in that debate? There are plenty of people who yearned for Clinton to get mad; during the campaign, an imagined litany of Clinton’s fury entitled “Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am” went viral. “Oh, I am [pissed],” she says. But as a woman in public life, “you can’t be angry for yourself. You just can’t. You can be indignant, you can be annoyed, you can be frustrated, but you can’t be angry … I don’t think anger’s a strategy.”

You mean it’s not a strategy for you, I clarify. “For me, yeah.” She pauses. “But I don’t think it’s a good strategy for most people.”


But this was an election that was, in many ways, about anger. And Trump and Sanders capitalized on that.

“Yes.” Clinton nods. “And I beat both of them.”‘

I guess she might want to explain THESE clips then???

They make psychotropic drugs for these type of delusions.  This woman needs an intervention! The Excuses Tour 7.0 is tired. I am tired of it, the American people are tired of it, even many Democrats are tired of it.  Cease and desist!  You are a mean, bitter, dried up hag that would not know the truth if it ran up and bit you.  The American people have spoken.  It is time for you to go now. Buh Bye!

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