BREAKING: Left SLAMMED Trump’s Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Calling Him A RACIST- Turns Out He Was Right AGAIN

Everyone knows that the left has no consciousness, that they will do anything and everything that they can to destroy former President Trump and bring The United States into the New World of Marxism.

In fact, they do not even see humans as people, we are nothing but branded cattle that they will do with as they please and if hundreds of thousands of people need to needlessly die so that they can achieve their agendas, so be it.


And that is exactly what the left has done when it comes to the biological weapon- AKA COVID19 developed and spread across the planet by the Chinese.

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Breitbart reports that During a Monday interview with FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) slammed the media and Democrats for initially dismissing former President Donald Trump’s theory that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.


According to Cammack, the left refused to give Trump’s theory credibility because of their “disdain” for him. She said they politicized everything regarding the pandemic because they did not want Trump to be correct.

“I think it’s pretty incredible that we have even gotten to this point. When the media and this current administration has such a disdain for our former president, President Trump, and they are willing to bend the truth to really fit the narrative that they’re pushing, that says a lot about the current state of affairs,” Cammack argued.


It has been clear since they openly and blatant election voter fraud, that somehow our legal system and congress chose to ignore just to remove Trump from office so that they could put in their clown Biden and puppet evil henchwoman Harris.

Some people have been well aware since day 1 of the Coved-19 pandemic that it was not some natural virus that stemmed from creatures.  It was clear that this was a biological weapon that was either released on purpose to silence the protestors in China, with no regard to how it would spread globally.  Maybe it was released on accident and China will never admit it, either way it came from the Wuhan lab and China needs to be held accountable.

The problem with telling the world China released it on purpose is that nation’s will hold China accountable which then China will threaten WWIII and lets be honest, nobody wants another world war.  So how does one punish China for their global pandemic?

Breitbart continued with Rep. Cammacs comments:

“There was a political agenda from the word ‘go,’” she added. “From the beginning when there was a cover-up in China with the W.H.O. basically toeing the CCP line, promoting that they were doing all they could for containment. They were manipulating data, which, of course, we know was extremely detrimental because, in the early stages of a pandemic, that early data modeling is critical so that the other countries and other entities could be better prepared in combating a virus. But, as we saw, the W.H.O. was complicit in that, so when we pulled out of the W.H.O., and believe me, as much as taxpayer dollars that went into the W.H.O., we expect that Americans and really the world deserves better from the World Health Organization. But we were quick to see the political agenda that was being pushed at the highest level of W.H.O. that were complicit with the CCP in this. But again, you look at everything that has been done. Masks have become political. The vaccines have become political. Everything that should be nonpartisan that should be based and rooted in science and facts has actually turned into a political agenda by the ultra-liberal left. And they are doing this simply because they don’t want President Trump to be right, and that is a fact.”

The left needs to be held accountable for their actions, people died because of their political agenda over the COVID-19 pandemic and it is not over, we will still see people lose their lives because of their evil.

It is amazing that Americans are not furious over the current regime that is hell bent on creating communism in The United States.  Older generations have stated they wish they were young again because they would never allow communism to take hold like this in our nation.

We must never forget, the only freedom and rights we deserve are the ones we are willing to fight for.  Fighting does not have to be a physical act, maybe it is as simple as becoming active in your local government and uniting and educating people to ensure your local politicians actually do what they people elected them to do.

It’s obvious at this point that Communist China is working on biological weapons that will eliminate huge amounts of the population- they have a plan to rule the world and it’s a safe bet that Biden won’t do a damn thing about it.

The Communist Party of China is absolutely ruthless.

God help us get through these next 3 1/2 years.


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God Bless.

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