WWIII ALERT! Russia Threatens To Help MEXICO Retake Southwest U.S. If Obama Sends Weapons To Ukraine!


This is sure to make a lot of Obama’s Dreamers mad as hell…


WWIII is inevitable folks. Obama has basically let the world go to hell in a hand-basket. Never before has this world been in such a state of chaos. Sure, Hitler and Germany waged a massive war against the Jews and Japan thought they’s take a shot at us but the United States took swift action and beat them down.

Throughout history The United States has squashed hostile governments through strength and brute force. It’s what we do. And we do it well. But with the Muslim-In-Chief in charge of our country the world has spiraled out of control.

Look, James Taylor singing some old song with John Kerry swaying back and forth like a little girl isn’t going to cut it. It’s actually a huge joke.

But here’s something you may not be aware of. 


The Chechen parliament have threatened to send weapons to Mexico in retaliation to the U.S. Congress calling for defensive lethal aid to be sent to Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favour of sending arms – the resolution was passed 348 to 48.

U.S. senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson branded it “absolutely necessary” that president Obama provide lethal and nonlethal military assistance to Ukraine, in light of the attacks by Russian-backed rebels on civilians in Mariupol in January.

In response, Chechnya’s parliamentary speaker Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov said that the U.S. has “no right” to advise Russia on how to behave with its neighbors.

He warned that the supply of arms to Ukraine will be perceived by Chechnya, a southern Russian republic, as a signal to deliver new weapons to Mexico to “resume debate on the legal status of the territories annexed by the U.S.”

Abdurakhmanov is referring to the states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, which Mexico surrendered to the U.S. in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, a peace deal which concluded the Mexican-American conflict.

The New Moscow Times:

Mexico ceded these territories to the U.S. under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a peace deal that ended the Mexican-American War. In exchange, the U.S. agreed to pay $15 million to Mexico and to assume another $3.25 million in debt owed by the Mexican government to American citizens.

The remaining parts of present-day New Mexico and Arizona were bought by the U.S. for $10 million under a separate purchase in 1853.

“We reserve the right to conduct conferences in Russia, Mexico and the U.S. to raise the question of breaking away the above mentioned states from the U.S., and [about] supplying weapons to resistance fighters there,” said the Chechen statement, which was published on the local legislature’s website.


So what does this mean? Well, from what I see Mexico wants to fight the USA! They want their land back. What would they do with these states- they have a HUGE amount of fantastic land and what have they done with it? And why do their people risk life and limb to come HERE?

I found this extremely interesting and I have to admit, I haven’t really heard about this. I do know that Mexico is the open gate for terrorists to stroll right in on the Red Carpet and welcomed with open arms thanks to the Kenyan. But, I didn’t realize that Russia and the rest of those countries are planning on helping Mexico take back the southern states!

Well, good luck with that Mexico- if you are going to make a move you’d better make it now because once Obama is out of here AMERICA plans on having a real man in charge and you won’t stand a chance. So go for it! I mean, what have you got to lose? Not much..

Oh, and a message to Russia and the rest of the vodka drinking commies- hooking up with Mexico to defeat the USA is the last thing you need to do. You will fail. The USA ALWAYS PREVAILS! 


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