BREAKING: Young Conservative Star ARRESTED… Look What He Did!


There’s no doubt that the current political climate is volatile, as we’ve clearly seen by the violent protests that have broken out across the country at free speech rallies, speeches, etc.

Being a conservative these days can be hazardous to your physical well-being, a lesson a young conservative commentator just learned the hard way.

Fox News is reporting that Lucian Wintrich was arrested Tuesday night after a fight broke out during one of his speeches at the University of Connecticut.

The speech, which was titled “It’s OK to be White,” was interrupted when a girl in the audience removed something from the podium Wintrich was using and start to leave with it.

There was video footage posted to social media platform Twitter that shows Wintrich pursuing the woman and then grabbing her, which is the point where others in the audience jumped into the mix.

“BREAKING: @lucianwintrich appears to attack a @UCONN student during speech after she took something off podium.”

Law enforcement intervened and took Wintrich away from the situation, and as of this writing, there’s no mention of any charges being pressed for the incident.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only tense moment during the event, as a spokeswoman for UConn said there was a window broken in the lecture hall, complete with smoke bomb thrown in for good measure.

For those who might not be in the loop, Wintrich is a White House correspondent for the Gateway Pundit blog. The talk was supposed to be a discussion on the topic of identity politics in modern culture.

The event was sponsored by the Republican group at UConn, and featured a handful of interruptions by leftists in the crowd who did a fair share of booing and other disruptive behaviors.

Here are a few more details from Fox:

The College Republicans said flyers advertising the event had been torn down or defaced across campus.

Reitz had said that free speech is among the university’s bedrock principals and it does not bar speakers on the basis of content.

UConn’s College Democrats said they were sponsoring a discussion before the speech so activists from across the campus community could express their views.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, given how the left has seemingly exited the dark shadows where they used to hide and are becoming more and more brazen in their acts of aggression and violence.

Rather than beating each other up over ideas, the better way to handle our differences would be to allow our ideas to do battle against one another through debate and discussion. That requires freedom of speech, which these folks hate with a passion.



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