BREAKING: YouTube May Be Going Out Of Business After Everyone Just Found Out SICK Thing They Have Been Doing


YouTube is not having a real good go of things as of late, especially now that tons of major companies have suspended their advertising campaigns after discovering their ads were being attached to videos that depicted kids in dangerous, life-threatening situations.

The video publishing site is now investigating what they are calling “disturbing” autofill results that were reported by YouTube users over the weekend.


Fox News is reporting that Mars Inc., sportswear giant Adidas, and Diageo — maker of Captain Morgan — have all yanked their ads off YouTube in light of the recent controversy.

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So what exactly was it about these videos that’s causing all the outrage? Buzzfeed released a report describing the questionable content as a “vast, disturbing and wildly popular universe of videos,” which included real footage of kids in “compromising situations.”


Yeah, sort of vague, but if they say it’s bad and won’t give a whole lot of details, well, it’s probably very, very bad.

YouTube users have also stated that some of YouTube’s autofill results included phrases geared toward promoting pedophilia, with the leading example being that if you typed “how to have” in the search box, one of the autofills is “how to have sex with your kids.”


Disgusting, isn’t it? Hard to believe there are human beings who would search for such a horrific thing on a platform like YouTube, but the depravity of some folks knows no bounds.

Now, there’s a chance the reason this search is popular enough to become autofill is due to Internet trolls thinking they’re funny, but regardless of how it got there it’s gross.

A YouTube spokeswoman released the follow statement to the press:

“Earlier today our teams were alerted to this profoundly disturbing autocomplete result and we worked to quickly remove it as soon as we were made aware,” a YouTube spokeswoman told BBC.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has come under fire for not removing questionable content. They’ve been hammered repeatedly for allowing videos to stay up that promote terrorism and extreme religious views — particularly Islam — so it seems the media giant hasn’t learned their lesson yet.

In reality, with all of the sick sacks of garbage in this world, parents probably shouldn’t be posting videos of their kids online to begin with. It exposes them to unnecessary risks and possible exploitation.

Having said that, it’s always a great idea to limit a kid’s exposure to YouTube and make sure they aren’t surfing it without adult supervision, as there’s obviously a lot of weird crap on there that could leave your child scarred for life.



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