BREAKING: 7 DEAD- Dozens Injured In EXTREMELY Strange Horrific Event- Here’s What We Know



Louisiana – At least seven people were killed and at least two dozen people were injured in a tragic incident that occurred on an interstate in Louisiana during what is known as a “super fog,” a meteorological phenomenon which results from a combination of smoke and fog that left the visibility basically near zero.

At least t least 158 vehicles were involved.

It was a completely chaotic scene.

State Police are currently engaged in an ongoing search for potential victims, as there may be additional casualties.

The investigation is ongoing.

Take a look:

A long stretch of Interstate 55, a 24-mile-long highway near New Orleans, is expected to be closed “for the foreseeable future,” police said.

Once the #superfog cleared the extent of the #pileup on I-55 west of New Orleans could be captured by air …

The extent of the damage is massive, with car fires and cars off the bridge. Sadly, we are hearing of fatalities as a result of the pileup.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said that he and his wife are “praying for those hurt and killed” in the crash, FOX reports.

“Please join me and Donna in praying for those hurt and killed in today’s tragic I-55 crash, as well as their families. The combination of wildfire smoke and dense fog is dangerous, and I want to encourage all Louisianans in affected areas to take extreme caution when traveling,” Gov. Edwards said.

“I also want to thank the first responders and medical personnel who have worked so diligently to save lives and render aid. The best way you can help them, besides exercising caution on the road, is to donate blood at your local blood donation center. It will help replenish supplies that are being drained today to care for the wounded,” Gov. Edwards said.

Absolutely INSANE!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this tragedy.

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