ALERT: Another Army Of ILLEGAL ALIENS Is Headed Towards The Southern Border- LOOK WHERE BIDEN IS! #FJB [VID]


Several thousand migrants from Haiti, South America, and Central America, are heading north to the southern border of the United States where the majority of them will request asylum, and even though international law says that people who request asylum as a refugee must do so at the first country they come to that is safer than where they came from. The United States is certainly not the first country they came to. For most, the US is the third or even fourth. But that doesn’t matter, because President Joe Biden and his administration don’t believe in immigration laws. They have been breaking all of our immigration laws for close to 10 months.

Mexican law enforcement sought to employ a roadblock to stop a huge migrant caravan in southern Mexico, but the migrants easily forced their way past the large group of officers. Either the officers are terrible at their job or they were told to playact the role.

Roughly 3,000 migrants charged into the southern Mexican city of Tapachula, which is approximately 10 miles from the Guatemala border. There are reports that members of the caravan were carrying signs with President Biden’s name on them. One of the signs read, “Joe Biden Is For All.” Well, he’s certainly not for American citizens, that much we already know.

We are being invaded by Unregistered Democrats.

This is only happening because the Biden administration is sending messages for them to come. The Democrats want to give all 30+ million illegals living here amnesty so that they can vote Democrat for the rest of their lives. Don’t be fooled when they tell you there are 11 million illegal aliens here. They have been using the 11 million figure since the 1990s. Only leftists who have trouble doing math don’t understand that when hundreds of thousands of more illegals pour over our border each year, the total goes up.

Let me be clear. Conservatives have nothing personally against any of these people coming across our border illegally other than they are doing it illegally and they expect that we owe them a living. The overwhelming majority of them are paupers who have no way to support themselves and the Biden administration is using American taxpayer dollars to change our country by forcing a new electorate into states they want to win away from Republicans for the sole purpose of giving themselves power to rule forever. This is wrong and someone needs to stand up to it.

The Biden administration is breaking every immigration law we have, and no one is standing up to them. Where are the lawsuits? Where are the Republicans? Where are the moderate Democrats? The problems that this will bring to America and its citizens is overwhelming and no one is stopping them.

The Mexican National Guard formed a roadblock strengthened by about 400 law enforcement officers. Video shows the migrant caravan crashing through the Mexican forces and slamming through the officers who were armed with shields and anti-riot gear.

The caravan migrants are just running right through the Mexican forces as if they have the right to do so. But they won’t have to do that once they attempt to cross our border, because the Biden administration has opened our borders and ordered ICE to stand down. What kind of American president would do this to his own country?


Irineo Mujica, the caravan organizer,  said that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are pulling migrants to the US “like cattle.”

Mujica said he wants the migrants to be allowed the opportunity to work in Mexico, “because a lot of them don’t want to be brought to the U.S. but the Biden administration, with this administration, it’s like pulling them like cattle, first they come to this jail and then they go to the northern border.”

Mujica then said it loud and clear that President Biden “doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do with immigration.”

“They’re just in denial of their own fault. They haven’t been able to handle immigration,” Mujica said of the Biden administration. “If I tell you the truth, I believe at least with Donald Trump we knew what we had. With Biden, we don’t know. He doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do with immigration because he says one thing and does another.”

That’s because Joe Biden is a liar.

The clowns running the Biden administration know exactly what they are doing. They are bringing in new voters for their party because they want to do to all of America what they did to California after Reagan allowed amnesty and got screwed by the Democrats who controlled Congress when they didn’t fulfill their end of the deal by setting up E-Verify to make employers prove they are hiring American citizens and appropriating funding for stronger border security. At the time of amnesty, the majority of them were already living in California and from that moment on the Golden State became a one-party state and no Republican will ever win the governor’s seat or legislature majority ever again. That is the only reason the Democrats are bringing in millions of illegals who will overwhelm our social systems. Our schools, hospitals, welfare, and others will be facing a lot of pressure in a country that is already facing an economic downturn, mostly because of the policies of the Biden administration.

Mujica proclaimed that Biden hasn’t kept his promises to take care of illegal immigrants.

Welcome to Biden’s America, amigo.

A judge recently ruled that the Biden administration must reinstate the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and that is expected to start back up again in November, so the migrants are now racing to the US border to beat the clock.

The Biden administration naturally appealed its case to the US Supreme Court because that policy would interfere with their plan to illegally turn the country blue forever, and they ruled that the current administration must make a “good faith effort” to reinstate the program. I don’t expect the Biden administration to adhere to the law, anyway. They are not following the law right now.

Under the Migrant Protection Protocols, migrant asylum seekers must wait in Mexico for their US court hearings. It makes perfect sense because zero, zip, nada, no illegal migrants who are given a court date to appear for their hearing and then set free to roam the interior of the United States ever shows up.

Years from now the historians will take a look at this time and wonder how we allowed a demon tyrant like Joe Biden destroy the greatest country on earth.

This is totally out of hand and we have no choice but to put a stop to this massive invasion- no matter what it takes.

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God Bless.

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