BREAKING: Sen. Sessions Issues BLISTERING Statement After Brexit, Hillary Terrified


Reactions to the historic Brexit vote have been mixed, but there appears to be a clear line in the sand that’s been drawn and people are falling on one side or the other. On the side of the patriots is Sen. Jeff Sessions, a potential vice presidential pick for Donald Trump, and he had a blistering statement praising the move that should strike fear into the heart of Hillary Clinton.

Writing an op-ed for Breitbart News, Sessions noted that some of the biggest changes in both Britain and the U.S. were led by the British people.


“Often, Britain makes changes that precede U. S. action. The Thatcher movement preceded the Reagan revolution. Both were victories for the people over outdated and corrupt forces,” he wrote. “Both were achieved against powerful and determined establishment forces. Both resulted in historic and positive periods in their nation’s history.”

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He explained that the people of Britain had to look deep inside to ask themselves some serious questions about the future of their country. Ultimately, he said, their vote “rose not out of fear and pique but out of love for country and pride of place.”


It was their horrible experience with the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels that drove them to leave the European Union, he said. Time and time again, the E.U. has prevented its members from making moves that benefit their countries, which is proven with the current migrant crisis in the continent, “where the E.U. has clearly been part of the problem, not the solution,” Sessions explained.

The problems didn’t stop there either, the Senator lamented, and he urged Americans to look at what happened with Britain as we decide our own fate.


“Too many politicians and pundits here in America have been woefully oblivious to, or in some cases complicit in, what is going on around us. The failed European Union experiment, and Great Britain’s rejection of it, must serve as a wake-up call for all of us in America.”

“Consider the promotion of radical trade policies that erode the power of the people to control their lives,” Sessions continued. “Millions upon millions of dollars from around the globe are being spent to get America to agree to the massive, twelve-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership. While sold as a trade deal, in reality, the TPP is a Trojan Horse for yet another sovereignty-eroding global pact.”

He warned that if it’s allowed to be implemented in America, it would do to our nation what the E.U. did to Britain, and “create a new governing body that would exercise power and make decisions that the United States Congress would be effectively powerless to block.”

Because of this, Sessions had a loud and clear message to Americans.

“Now it’s our time,” he said. “The period of the nation state has not ended.”

“I applaud yesterday’s strong and patriotic action taken by America’s special friend, retaking its independence,” Sessions wrote in conclusion. “I know that moving forward the deep and historic ties between Great Britain and America will grow ever stronger. I believe the American people too will choose independence this November.”

Amen to that. There’s a lot more on the line in November than simply voting Democrat or Republican. From the next president being able to choose up to five Supreme Court justices, to their vision of America and the direction we should head, this next election could very well make or break our country as we know it, and it’s up to each and every one of us to ensure our fellow patriots realize what’s at stake.

After all, the absolute last thing we want or need is another fifty years of progressive reign in our country, and that’s exactly what will happen if Hillary is elected this fall. We cannot, nay, we must not allow it to happen.

The future of our children depends on it.

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God Bless.



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