OBAMA Has Direct Ties To CRT From As Far Back As 9 Years Ago-BOMBSHELL REPORT

The Federalist Reveals Obama Direct Ties To Critical Race Theory As Far Back As 9 Years Ago!

Critical Race Theory is a plague that is turning into a national crisis due to the left extremists pushing the indoctrination onto American citizens and in schools targeting children.

To some, it comes as no surprise to hear Obama in the same sentence as hates whites, racist and critical race theory.  People have tried to forget the Islamist former president and while Obama is not the puppet master, it is clear that he is pulling Biden’s strings and running the nation from the background.

From Breitbart:

Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart revealed the links between then-President Barack Obama and Critical Race Theory guru Derrick Bell nine years ago, but the media tried to bury the story, writes Gabe Kaminsky of The Federalist.

Critical Race Theory is the idea that America’s institutions have been “systemically” racist since the Founding in a way that continues to shape society today, despite the progress made since the Civil War and the civil rights movement.

In a story published Thursday at the online conservative outlet, Kaminsky notes the similarity between the way the establishment media attempted to discredit reporting on Critical Race Theory in 2012, and the way it continues to do so.

Our nation does not have a racist problem, we have a corrupted government problem where these people believe they are above the working class and view citizens as nothing but cattle.

The indoctrination to submit to a tyrannical Marxist government has been a very long game for the extreme left and we are now living in the riser of the empire of communism in America.

Breitbart continued with Kaminsky’s report:

After Andrew Breitbart indicated at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he had footage to substantiate that President Barack Obama maintained a relationship with a prominent critical race theorist, it led to a news storm.

Joel Pollak, the editor-in-chief at the time and now the current Breitbart editor-at-large, was implicitly called racist on CNN by host Soledad O’Brien, a “smear artist” in The New Yorker, and told in The Nation he was unreasonably rebuking “intellectual leaders in a long tradition of calling on America to address racial unfairness.”

Pollak told me, “It was like shouting into a dark room in the early years,” noting the difficulty in years past with getting media to adequately focus on CRT. Just as [journalist Christopher] Rufo recently credited himself and others with having “successfully frozen” the left’s CRT into the American psyche, the media in 2012 launched a campaign to instill the idea that Breitbart and the “right-wing radicals” were promoting nonsense.

The only difference is that CRT is much more mainstream now than it was then. It’s ubiquitous. And the media is now faced with a reckoning. Can it truly hide something right in front of the people’s eyes like it did last time? Where will it end?

Recently, Media Matters and Salon.com both noted that Breitbart launched the fight against Critical Race Theory in 2012, with Media Matters lamenting that Breitbart’s attack “appears to be working.”

Every red-blooded American needs to stand up and speak out against the dark plague of hate and racism.  A divided nation will crumble from within!

This begs the question, why are the American people allowing a Marxist extremist government to destroy our nation from within?



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