BOOM! Watch As Black Man And Hardcore Conservative Steve Deace Drop The Biggest Bombshells LIVE To MILLIONS

Last week on TheBlaze TV, show host Steve Deace who’s show is regularly focused on the world through a biblical view brought in former ESPN, Fox Sports, Outkick commentator Jason Whitlock for an in-depth comparison of the truth of Christianity versus the lies of Woke-ism that dementia Joe and the hoe are spreading throughout our institutions.



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One of the major distinctions that is pointed out is that in Christianity, Jesus Christ the son of God came to earth and died for everyone’s sins. While in woke-ism, everyone is mired in sin and there is no chance for forgiveness or grace, especially if you’re a white conservative. This alone in itself is troubling, because if you can’t forgive anyone for mistakes of their past, how can you ever move on as a society?



Another distinction between the two ideologies is that under the message of Christianity, you as an individual are responsible for the sins you have committed. While the demands of woke-ism say that you are not only responsible for your sins, but are eternally responsible for the sins all those who have come before you and are especially of your skin color.

Guest host Whitlock said that the way those worshipping the idols of woke-ism and woke-istan are creating a relationship in the United States akin to that of a Marriage with zero forgiveness ever given.  “It puts us on a collision course for divorce,” Whitlock explained. “You can’t have a United States of America if there’s no forgiveness.”


The question is why would the left want us to go to divorce unless that was apart of their game plan to begin with?



Sometimes though when one is in a toxic relationship, the best way to save yourself is a divorce if the other party won’t seek the help it needs to change. I don’t have the answers at this time other than we have to come back to truths and reason this country was founded on. Yes, our country had a dark rocky history, but we LEARNED from that and made changes to the laws as we grew up!

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