Has Obama Completely Destroyed The Second Amendment?: Now 300,000 Connecticut Gun Owners Face Fines, Felony Charges, And Jail Time


We all know just how much Obama and his liberal cronies dislike our guns. In fact, they hate our guns, hate the fact that law-abiding citizens can still have guns, and most of all, they hate the second amendment. With a passion.

This is the ultimate force behind the take away our guns movement being promoted by our wonderful community organizer in chief and his band of libertard buddies. You have probably heard that they struck again in the state of Connecticut. In this case, they passed a law that mandated forced registration for gun owners by a certain date (January 1st, 2014). Those owners who either missed this date, or simply have determined that they feel this is an unconstitutional law and decided not to register are now facing some stiff penalties. This includes a $5,000 fine and felony charges with up to 5 years in prison.

Now there are even anti-gun groups who are putting pressure on the authorities to actually go around and round up those who have not yet registered and throw them in jail! Believe it or not, they want the state to go ahead and use their background check database to go out and find an estimated 300,000 guns owners throughout the state.

This is crazy…but business as usual for Obama. The Obama regime is clearly afraid of your gun and my gun. The problem is that if you think Connecticut is an isolated case than you are very far wrong. The liberals in Congress right now in cahoots with Obama are plotting new ways to bring this type of situation from Connecticut to the entire country. And if it can happen in one state, than it can certainly happen in others. No one is safe any longer.

If you value the freedoms afforded by the Second Amendment, then perhaps it is finally time to stand up to King Barrack and his legion of gun taking bandits. The gun registration scheme that he has prepared for us is not dead. In fact, this nearly passed the Senate last year. The NRA also feels so strongly about this that they are urging as many brave and freedom loving Americans as possible to sign their petition. You can find more information on the linked page above.

The bottom line is that if we sit idly by while Obama and his buddies destroy our freedom to own guns, then one by one the rest of our beloved freedoms will fall. This is the same thing that Hitler did when he took power in Nazi Germany. They first rounded up all those who owned guns and took them away. Obviously, this is always a critical step in order to solidify the power of any Regime in the making. It helps to keep opposition to words only, rather than something that can actually be defended with force.

This is what Obama wants to turn our country into. He wants everyone to be beholden to the government. This way, no one can oppose anything the government wants to do. From there it is certainly not a big lead for Obama to actually enforce his own will upon the government. Very sad to see what we have become and our becoming.

What do YOU think? Is this gun registration law in CT unconstitutional? What should be done about? How can we fight back now? Do you agree that it is now only a matter of time before we see something like this passed throughout the entire country? Will we see mass round-ups of gun owners, issuing fines and possibly throwing us in jail?


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