Hundreds Of Patriots Attend Pro-Confederate Flag Rally At Stone Mountain Memorial



On Saturday, nearly 1000 people from Georgia when to The Stone Mountain rally, to show their support for the Confederate flag and history. Stone Mountain is the nation’s largest Confederate memorial and is absolutely spectacular!

One of the rally organizers is a black man named Thomas Jewell.

Awr Hawkins at Breitbart reports:

Jewell said he rallies to the flag because it represents his “Southern heritage.” He said he knows some people have misrepresented the flag — attaching movements and meanings to it that don’t belong — but he added, “If you look a little deeper, you’ll find out what it was all about. The flag was never meant to be racist. It’s a heritage thing. It’s a Southern thing.”

He’s right you know!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Billy Armistead of Covington said he’s attending the rally to honor the memory of his relative Lewis A. Armistead, who fought for the Confederate States of America in the Civil War. For him, the flag stands for heritage.

“We’re here to support our heritage,” he said. “We’re not racist. We’re doing a peaceful thing.”

Armistead said he believes the recent calls for the rebel flag to be taken down threaten his rights as an American citizen and that he is attending the rally to speak out.

“Our purpose for being here today is that our rights are being taken from us. We have all the right in the world to fly this flag,” he said. “You can’t change print in the history book.”

Joel Colston of Cartersville agreed, and said the event is not about racism.

“It’s not about hate. People are trying to take our flag away from us and that’s not right,” he said. “We’re trying to do something about it.”

Jimmy Creek is a rally organizer from Monticello, and he said it is important that people understand it is an action for something, not against.

Creek said, “We do rallies, not protests. We just do it peacefully. We don’t want trouble, but we’ll back each other up [if there is].”

Here’s a great video of the event!

YouTube video via stevethrasher

The Facebook announcement for the rally listed rules for proper conduct:

1.) NO racial slurs or offensive remarks
2.) NO alcohol, we do know its illegal and that will be opportunity for tickets/arrests
3.) NO taunting other vehicles, flipping other people off during the ride
4.) NO burning any flags of any type regardless of which flag
5.) STAY peaceful, which means NO violence

Remember there will be people everywhere! Possibly media and cameras, ONE piece of negativity and that will be what goes Viral and that is what we will be remembered for. This is to show our support BC we care about where we live and grew up, lets keep this Clean and Peaceful! Absolutely ZERO tolerance on these rules, if you don’t think you can follow don’t show up. There will be plenty others there who can follow the rules. See y’all there, thank you and God Bless!

Stone Mountain has been targeted by the anti-Confederate insanity that began sweeping the country in the aftermath of the attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston back in June. Stone Mountain hosts “the largest high relief sculpture in the world,” depicting Confederate President Jefferson Davis, along with Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. It truly is an amazing feat and a magnificent work of art.


Atlanta’s WSBTV reports that the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP wants the sculpture removed. Of course they do! Well guess what you morons-THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN! LIVE WITH IT YOU TROUBLE MAKING HATEFUL, RACIST GARBAGE. Your ignorance is stinking up my country.

Here’s another article we did on Stone Mountain I think you will like!

Atlanta NAACP Says “They Can Sand Blast Lee, Jefferson Davis And Jackson Off Stone Mountain!”

God bless you all and God Bless America! Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS

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