URGENT: Massive Anti-ANTIFA Protest Set For June 10th After Liberals Threaten To Tear Down Another “Confederate” Monument In TEXAS


History deficient communist group Antifa is staging yet another rally in their relentless campaign to spread their version of communism while they claim to oppose fascism. The people so very against fascism that they get protesting and practicing it mixed up – plan to meet up in Houston, Texas on June 10, 2017.

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Dubbed the “Antifa Anti-Oppression Rally” they are demanding the removal of the idol image of gross slave owner Sam Houston,” according to the pinned post on the Texas Antifa Facebook page from May 22. Another post on the page reads “These statues are a slap in the face of all Black Americans!”

This June 10 protest falls just days before the June 19 celebration of what is known as the celebration of “Juneteenth.” Juneteenth is celebrated as the Union General Gordon Granger landed on Galveston Island on June 19, 1865.  He proclaimed all slaves to be a free people and enforced Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in the state of Texas for the first time in the 2.5 years since the original Executive Order was signed. The day was officially designated an official state holiday in the 1980s.

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Many of these Communist, Nazi and fascist punks are fresh off what they are calling a win in tearing down Southern history in New Orleans. These fools were successful taking down monuments paid for by Confederate widows put up on donated land of men that were made United States veterans in 1958 under U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410.  Their Facebook page is a sickening ode to their epic lack of understanding of what it means to be an American or any real knowledge of history.

They are protesting the bronze Sam Houston statue of the father of Texas sitting atop his horse Saracen was erected at the intersection of Montrose and Main Streets in Houston in 1925. The group also plans to go after the huge Sam Houston statue seen off I-45 in Huntsville, home of Sam Houston State University.

The Facebook post reads –

“After we have this one removed, we can then work on getting the 67-foot Sam Houston statue outside of Huntsville turned into parking lot gravel, and the forest rename.”

Apparently, these Antifa communists were absent for history that day and or reading is optional because Sam Houston is remembered as ardently pro- Union leading up to the War Between the States or the Civil War as some call it. He supported the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and voted to ban slavery in the new state of Oregon in 1848. He supported the Compromise of 1850. Houston was defeated when he ran for Governor of Texas in 1857 due to being pro-Union and was adamantly opposed secession. He won the governorship two years later in 1859 and the state succeeded despite his wished in a special session of the Texas Legislature called The Succession Convention. Houston was removed from office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederate States of America.

This is little more than Nazi Germany all over again. These Communists can sugar coat it and call it whatever they like — it is little better than burning books. Joseph Goebbels lives. If they will burn the books? They will burn the people. Remember that — if they will desecrate our history? They will desecrate us. It is that simple.

Now counter protests from Patriot, III%, Open Carry, and Pro America groups are planned – you know groups that actually SHOWED UP for history class?

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Texas Open Carry David Amad spoke to the local NBC affiliate in Houston, stating the post has ruffled feathers within his organization and others –

“”They were the ones that proposed the initial protest to protest this statue and try to have it removed. Our event is to make sure they understand that one way or another that statue is not going anywhere.” 

Militia group III% Security Force Alliance will also be present. The leader of Tennessee Security Force III% Gen. Dontaistorm is traveling engaging the public.  He is encouraging counter protests and is asking Americans to participate when and where they can.  He said of the event, “Enough is enough. Our History is being destroyed and we will not sit idly by and allow it to happen.

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