Millionaire LeBron James Breaks Out The RACE CARD In PATHETIC Rant, Says THIS Word Is RACIST [VID]

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LeBron James has a large group of associates he keeps near him as seems to be the norm with many high profile sports figures or celebrities. But LeBron’s associates shouldn’t be called a “posse,” the hoops star says. Apparently, they are only called a “posse” because LeBron happens to be black, at least according to LeBron anyway.

27 January 2008: Forward LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Los Angeles Lakers during the first half of the Cavs 98-95 victory over the Lakers at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA.

NBA coach Phil Jackson, who happens to be a white man and maintained a lengthy and successful career working with a variety of colors and ethnicities and who has never given any indication of racism, referred to LeBron’s inner circle as his “posse” during an ESPN interview. Talking about the special treatment LeBron receives in the NBA, Jackson cited a time LeBron asked that his Heat team make a stopover in Cleveland so he could spend some time at home. Jackson was highly critical in his analysis, stating, “You can’t hold up the whole team because you and your mom and your posse want to spend an extra night in Cleveland.”

LeBron responded that Jackson chose “posse” because the word carries powerful racial baggage. Silly Phil Jackson for using plain English words! Whatever were you thinking? >>>insert eye roll here<<< I don’t know perhaps when one is looking for racism everywhere they JUST might perceive racism where it IS NOT nor WAS IT EVER?

I guess if I tell you I’m going to go round up my posse I’m a racist… I suppose someone should have let Wyatt Earp know about that back in the day…..or perhaps explain to me just how English Common Law got that ALL so terribly wrong with the posse comitatus? The institution of the posse comitatus thrives even today in 21st Century America and dating all the way back to its origins in Angl-Saxon England and based in the office of the Sheriff.

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Members of the Ruby Posse of Ruby, Arizona

From Anglo-Saxon times until the present, a core power of the Sheriff has been the authority to summon posse comitatus–“the power of the county.” Like jury service, posse service is a mandatory duty of the citizen. When the Sheriff, in his nearly unlimited discretion, summons the posse, the citizen must respond. Traditionally, the group responsible for potentially serving in a posse was approximately the same as those responsible for serving in the militia–although the upper and lower age limits for the posse were wider, and the posse had fewer exemptions than did the militia.

Perhaps LeBron needs an etymology lesson on what words mean? Or perhaps he just needs to settle down and stop perceiving racism and slight where there isn’t any! It’s almost as if you endlessly call people bigots and racists and they’ll eventually get fed up and turn on you.

God Bless.



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