Rush Exposes REAL Motive Behind Violent Anti-Trump Rioters, And He’s RIGHT… [VID]

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Conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the increasing number of violent anti-Trump riots happening in California and he says that the riots AREN’T against Trump!

Here’s what Rush has to say:

“These riots, the most recent one, San Jose, they’re not riots against Trump; they’re riots against Trump supporters. You probably by now have seen the videos of the anti-Trump riots in San Jose, but as I say, they’re not really anti-Trump. They’re anti-Trump supporter riots. And beyond that, they’re really anti-America riots, since they are really violently protesting as American citizens exercising their constitutional right to express their political opinion.”

“And it is bloody, it is dangerous, and the mayor of San Jose, some guy named Sam Liccardo, a Democrat and a Hillary supporter, criticized Trump for going to places like San Jose and igniting problems that local police reports have to deal with. He said, “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.” Really? So you have a mayor that pretty much, it looks like, told the cops to stand down while Trump supporters were viciously attacked. And they were. They were bloodied up.”

“Many of these people are anti-America. They have signs saying, “Make California Mexico again.” They’re bought and paid for by Democrat donors like George Soros. Remember the first such riot, it was in Chicago and Trump canceled an appearance in advance when word leaked out that there was going to be trouble, so Trump canceled it.”

YouTube video courtesy of Mark F

“The riots happened anyway, and the Drive-Bys immediately started blaming Trump and said the onus was on Trump to get his supporters in line. The onus was on Trump to stop inspiring his supporters to beat people up and beat ’em upside the head and so forth. It was on Trump. It was his requirement, his responsibility.”

“Well, where are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders after such events San Jose, San Diego, where are they asking their supporters to stand down? They’re not even distancing themselves from these supporters. These are Hillary Clinton supporters. They’re certainly not Trump supporters. They’re Bernie Sanders supporters. They’re liberal Democrats. Some of them are illegal citizens, illegal aliens.”

YouTube video courtesy of Daily Rushbo

“For the most part, Trump supporters have not really defended themselves, which is the irony.  Eighty-five, 90% of the violence is coming from anti-Trump participants, anti-Trump supporters.  Anti-Trump supporter rioters.  The pro-Trump people basically flee, try to get in their cars and get home, get away.  They haven’t retaliated yet.  If this keeps up, that’s the next thing that obviously is going to happen, human nature being what it is.”

“So we’re dealing here with the Drive-Bys ecstatic over Mrs. Clinton’s greatest speech ever.  We have the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party ecstatic over these bloody riots which feature plenty of anti-Americanism.  In fact, there’s a couple of Trump supporters that were caught up to by local media in California, San Jose, said, “This doesn’t look like the America I know,” and it doesn’t.  I mean, the American flag is being burned. The Mexican flag is being waved. The protest signs say “Make California Mexico again.”

“And these are America’s leftists.  These are the people, when they vote, they’re gonna vote for Hillary Clinton or Crazy Bernie,” Rush concluded.

Source- Rush Limbaugh



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