WATCH: Liberals Spot Trump Supporter During Protest, Do The UNTHINKABLE To Her On Live Television




The President was outraged after word reached him that his supporters were targeted for beatings on the college campus.


Multiple violent assaults and deadly beatings took place on the liberal campus of UC Berkeley last night as liberals and members of the terrorist organization known as AntiFa attacked the socialist college in order to “protest” a pro-Trump event.

But your Commander-in-chief is not taking this lying down.

He’s coming up swinging. In a brutal shot, Trump reached out to his 23 million followers to alert them to his plan to revoke all federal funding to UC Berkeley if they are unable to protect the Constitutional rights of all Americans on campus.

For the most part, police officers present did absolutely nothing as swarms of anarchists in black masks piled on supporters of the event.  In one case, as many as 20 attackers surrounded their target each taking turns beating him with a metal pipe.  When the victim was later approached by an independent journalist who was on scene monitoring the situation, he was incoherent. At this time there are conflicting reports that one of the victims remains at the ICU. AFF is awaiting confirmation, but in the interest of keeping you informed during these graves times we thought it best for you to have all the details we are working with.

“This was a group of agitators who were masked up, throwing rocks, commercial grade fireworks and Molotov cocktails at officers,” said UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo Bennet.  But some are questioning why the police didn’t intervene when it became clear that gangs of anarchists were isolating and bashing Trump supporters with blunt weapons. Jake Shields, was one of these critics. Shields is a professional mixed martial artist who was on scene at the time. He intervened on his own accord to save the lives of some of the victims and is seen in the video below parlaying with some of the aggressors:


The Anarchists Targeted Women Too:

Trump Supporter Kiara Robles recovers from her attack in a local cafe. Her assailant remains unknown.


Men and women alike were targeted during the course of the evening — one young woman, Kiara Robles, was giving an interview at the time of her attack.  Robles was speaking to a liberal reporter who was asking her questions after she had just been struck in the head with a pole.


The questions were clearly meant to warrant an aggressive response.  Keeping her cool despite what was going on around her, Robles pushed back and asserted that she was here simply to make a statement with her presence — that even though she could not see the presentation she had hope to attend, she intended to stand her ground and not be chased away. The reporter wasn’t happy. It seemed he wanted to make Robles look like the bad guy.


Moments later, it became clear that would not be so. Robles was hit in the face with pepper spray by a masked anarchist. This was her second assault of the night:



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As AFF reported, leftist agitators had taken to the campus of Berkeley in an effort to disrupt a speech being made by a prominent gay Jew.  Yes, you read that correctly. Liberals were protesting a gay Jew.  Not only were they protesting this gay Jew, but they were protesting him because they wanted the world to believe that this man who identifies as a homosexual, is the son of a Jewish woman, and foreigner. He is everything the left loves. Despite all of this, the protesters last night referred to him as a Nazi.  Somehow, for all the history textbooks available, there doesn’t seem to be many instances of gay Jews signing up for Hitler’s European tour.  But that hasn’t stopped the left from enjoying this brutality.


Political pundits on the right were quick to respond despite the nauseating silence from almost all those left of the aisle–besides for Judd Apatow.  But don’t get too excited — Apatow only opened his mouth to imply that the attacks were justified, reasonable, and would get worse.  The Tweet was soon deleted but not before it was captured by quick thinking Trump supporters.   “This is just the beginning,” the overrated director tweeted. “When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realize what is at stake.”   The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the Berkeley campus indicating that Apatow was referring to the assaults.

Take a look At The Following:

The still frame from above is a picture from this video. Here is the clip where the less injured victim is interviewed. He can hardly speak.


Is The Main Stream Media Causing This?

I’m sorry, reader.  None of this brings me great pleasure to talk about.  I worry that in a not-too-distant future in which our nation will either be midway down the path of inevitable destruction or climbing to a new golden age.  The Trump administration gives this commentator hope for the latter.  And at least according to this straw poll, almost 90% of respondents to this poll are aware of what is going on.


Does This Make You Angry?

Does This Make You Outraged?

Good. You’re going to need that anger.


This report builds off the previous night’s coverage. For the full details regarding the event and it’s purpose refer to our story released yesterday.  This report discusses how what once looked like a riot is beginning to appear to be an insurgency.


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