BREAKING News Out Of ICE And U.S. Marshals To Release Sex Offenders All Over America- Plus Biden’s Doing THIS To Top It Off


It is bad enough that Biden put an immediate halt to securing our borders, but since Day 1 in office, Biden has been forcing open door’s policies along our borders.

Biden’s policies are reckless as hell and are putting EVERY American in danger.

Democrats seem to either ignore or choose to stay ignorant that open borders allows terrorists, human trafficking, drug trafficking as well as the dark criminal world to cross into our nation, which includes sex offenders.

Illegal alien sex offenders are being freed into the United States thanks to President Joe Biden’s “sanctuary country” orders, a local media report details, Breitbart reports. 

In February, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued orders preventing ICE agents from arresting and deporting illegal aliens unless they are terrorists, known gang members, or recently convicted of an aggravated felony. An analysis of the orders revealed they are likely to prevent about 9-in-10 deportations.

A report by FOX 29’s Yami Virgin in San Antonio, Texas, reveals that aside from local counties having to release criminal illegal aliens onto the streets, the U.S. Marshals are releasing illegal alien sex offenders from their custody as a result of the Biden orders.

Two illegal alien sex offenders — one in Austin, Texas, and another in Del Rio, Texas, — were released by U.S. Marshals after ICE agents were prevented from taking them into custody, sources in law enforcement told Virgin.

This should be national news, news that every legal citizen of The United states of America should be furious over.  Violent thugs, murderous gang members and sexual predators are being released daily because of the actions of the President of our nation.

Biden needs to be held accountable for the illegal executive orders, destruction of our freedoms as well as flooding our nation with illegal aliens.

Breitbart continued:

Officials with the U.S. Marshals Service said they do not comment on cases “that are the subject of ongoing or pending litigation.”

Oh please, give us a break!  We damn well know that releasing these criminals and giving them a piece of paper with a court date on it, 99% of them will never be seen again unless they are arrested for other crimes they commit and actually get caught.

Last week, Virgin reported likely thousands of criminal illegal aliens have been released from local and county jails as ICE agents are stopped from taking them into custody. In San Antonio, alone, Virgin reported 36 criminal illegal aliens had been released into the community rather than turned over to ICE agents.

Those released illegal aliens had been arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a police officer, domestic violence, and drug crimes just to mention a few criminal acts.

Multiple states, including Texas and Florida, are suing Biden for the sanctuary country orders — noting criminal illegal aliens who would have otherwise been deported are now being released directly into their communities.

Why in the hell are certain states just suing Biden over the sanctuary county orders, when they should be forming a detailed plan of impeachment ASAP!

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God Bless.

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