BREAKING News From Mark Levin- He Issues DIRE Warning To America

Mark Levin is a legend and is extremely intelligent.

Levin spoke about the insane agenda of the Biden regime and the Democrats.


Levin blasted Democrats and President Joe Biden for “moving at lightning speed” to “ram through the most aggressive, radical agenda in American history” on his FOX News television show.

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Breitbart has more:


According to Levin, the Democrats are moving so swiftly because they do not want Americans “to know about it.”

With the insanity of 2020 Americans seem to simply forget about anything that is political in nature as well as what the current regime is doing to our nation.  Now, that is not to say all Americans feel this way, but for the most part people seem complacent with is happening in our nation.


And that is dangerous.

Breitbart continued with Mark Levin’s warning to American Citizens:

You are living through a tumultuous period, ladies and gentlemen, where the Constitution is under attack, where we have a President of the United States who is violating separation of powers, where we have a Congress with the thinnest of majorities and no majority in the Senate — the Constitution gives the vice president, as president of the Senate, the right to break the tie votes — to ram through the most aggressive radical agenda and American history and all across the board. And they are moving at lightning speed because they don’t want you to know about it. We are not having hearings in Congress of any sort, so you can find out what is taking place, and the process has slowed down, so your representatives are standing there like statues with nothing to do. The President of the United States is signing executive orders one after another that would make any dictator around the world very, very jealous. And these are very serious events that are taking place.”

“This is not the way a republic is supposed to conduct itself,” he added.

The rapid pace of Biden and Harris policies goes far beyond dangerous as well as frightening, the democrats are creating the New America that is under their full control.

While some citizens applaud the democrats for their rapid pace, others see it far differently and a very few openly discuss it like Mark Levin does.

We find ourselves living in a time when a citizen isn’t sure what they can believe in and openly support their beliefs, due to fear of recourse as a “political extremist or white supremist”.

It’s the blunt truth and this is The United States of America, we are supposed to have sacred and protected rights, but those have quickly dissipated.

Breitbart ended with, Levin also warned of the propaganda efforts from the Biden administration when it comes to coronavirus vaccine production and distribution. He outlined how the rollout process was started by former President Donald Trump and his administration well in advance of Biden taking office.

“I’m not going to allow the propagandists in the White House, the propagandist Joe Biden to lie his way into the history books and lie his way into the hearts and minds of the American people when he has done effectively nothing significant or concrete to change what was already in place,” he concluded.

Peace and unity, that was what Biden promised to “restore” in America and it is becoming ever so clear on who that peace and unity is intended for.

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